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Sahakarbhushan S. K. Patil College, Kurundwad

Kurundwad, previously a small ‘princely state’, is situated at the confluence of Krishna and
Panchganga rivers in the north east of Kolhapur District. The whole area around the Kurundwad having
good quality of fertile land and therefore, the people mainly depends upon agriculture. However, due to
the confluence this area is heavily affected by floods every year.

Sahakarbhushan S. K. Patil College, Kurundwad is established in the year 1985 to fulfill the need
of higher education of the students. It is governed by the National Institute of Education, Kurundwad
from June 1985. The college is in rural area and providing quality education and educational facilities to
the students of Arts, Commerce as well as Science faculties from forty plus villages around the
Kurundwad. It provides co-education from Higher Secondary to Graduation for the rural areas and gives
a platform to these students for their overall development. The college has provided education to more
than 2000 students every year.

Since 1989, the construction of building and creation of infrastructural facilities have been
continuously undertaken within our financial limitation. At present the infrastructure consists of three
different blocks containing Classrooms, Principal’s cabin, Administrative office, Library, Gymkhana
office, staff room, Ladies room, Multi-Gym, Store-rooms and other necessary facilities.

By considering this thing Shivaji University, Kolhapur has granted ‘Permanent Affiliation’ to the
college from June 1998. The College is included under the provisions of section 12b and 2f of ‘UGC’
Act1956, Since Sept.2000. This has provided a great impetus and encouragement.

The college is entered in the third cycle of NAAC. In the 2004 and 2013 NAAC Bangalore
appreciated the efforts of NIOE in the field of Higher Education and honored with B Grade.
After the first cycle of NAAC in the year 2004, our Institute has decided to start the Science wing
for senior college and started Bachelor of Science from A.Y.2012-2013 on non-grant basis by considering
the need of Science education for rural students.